IT software providers registration process

All software providers that want to connect their solutions to the CZNMVS must complete the registration and certification process with Solidsoft Reply and NOOL.

Main process steps: 

  • Sign the NDA with Solidsoft Reply( IT supplier of IT solutions for CZNMVS). NDA can be downloaded below this article.
  • Scan signed NDA send directly to Solidsoft Support Reply for Czech, in a copy to NOOL,
  • Solidsoft will provide you with a support portal (NMVS Developer Portal) that includes an information database, technical specifications, codes, and other information needed to program new features for your information system. They will contact you directly, creating a single account for one company.
  • From NOOL, we will also send you access to our shared folder. Here are the necessary basic information. Interested parties will also be able to access our FreedCamp discussion portal, where you will gain valuable experience from other SW companies that want to offer solutions for the FMD project. On ask we send a video of an IT workshop that Solidsoft Reply and NOOL organized for SW companies.
  • In NMVS Developer Portal you will have access to a test integration environment (CZMVS - ITE) where you will test the required new features (especially communication).
  • Once you have your system upgraded, you will be prompted by SolidSoft to begin the so-called self-certification process. Ask us to get access to the Qualification Environment (CZMVS - IQE). Here you will pass a certification test that verifies the suitability of your deployment solution within the FMD project.
  • NOOL will receive SolidSoft documentation from your testing, validate them, and issue your Certificate. Then you can offer your clients SW solution for the FMD project.

For all technical questions, please contact SolidSoft Support (in English). They are ready to provide complete technical support through their on-line portal (12 x 6).

We also recommend watching our site, which we try to keep up to date. In the case of other your inquiries, suggestions and comments, please contact us at


IT software providers do not have to pay any fees to NOOL.


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