IT companies providing SW to pharmacies and wholesalers

Pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and wholesalers, so called „end-users“ of the Czech National Medicines Verification System (CZNMVS), must create an electronic connection of their system to CZNMVS. This connection can be done by upgrading their current information system or with standalone solutions developed for this purpose internally or sourced from external SW vendors.

NOOL together with Solidsoft Reply provides necessary information provides the necessary information to create this link.

Any of the IT companies ready to upgrade SW for their customer get access to detail development kits and supporting information through Solidsoft Reply NMVS Developer Portal and specific materials continuesly provided by NOOL. 

For details on the process steps, see below:

IT software providers registration process

List SW companies with CZMVS certification for FMD:                                      Updated:  16th May 2022

 Company Country


Software name
  Adaptica a.s.  CZ  Adaptica
  Apatyka Servis s.r.o.  CZ  Mediox
  Arvato Systems GmbH  DE  
  Autocont, a.s.  CZ  
  CETRON ČR   CZ  Apothéké
  Codesplice Ltd.  GB  FMVerify
  CYRMEX, s.r.o.  CZ   Cyrmex
  ECP a.s.  CZ  ECP
  Farmis s.r.o.  CZ  FaRMIS
  Fill SW servis s.r.o.  CZ  Win MEDICO
  HE Clinssmann  IRL  EZFMD
  Hippo s.r.o.  CZ    Hippo 5.1
  Integsoft s.r.o.  CZ  IntegSoft
  ITFuture s.r.o.  CZ  Pohoda 6.0.2
  Straka Jan -  CZ
  Kolář jiří  CZ    
  Lekis s.r.o.  CZ   Lekis
  MedAspis B.V.  NRL   MedAspis
  Medoro s.r.o.  CZ   Medoro
  Movilitas Belgium  BEL  
  Navertica a.s.  CZ   MS NAV
  NeuPharm s.r.o.  UK   FMVerify CZ
  New Link Moravia s.r.o.  CZ   Allegro 2
  Noviko s.r.o.  CZ   Adamint 5.15
  Pharma JR s.r.o.  CZ     Pharmacy
  Promedica Praha Group, a.s.  CZ   PROMEDICA
  Radix Software a.s.  CZ   radix
  Redcon s.r.o.  CZ   Helios
  Rfxcel Corp.  USA   Rfxcel
  RR-servis, s.r.o.  CZ   TARA
  Rxchange GmbH  DE     Rxchange 
  SALSO, s.r.o.  CZ   ISYS
  Satori It Consulting s.r.o.  CZ   SATOR
  SeaComp s.r.o.  CZ   Medoro
  Sirkovský   CZ     Sirkovský
  Skaitos kompiuterių servisas      LIT   SKS MV
  SoftPharm s.r.o.  CZ   ALGIS
  SoPHIS a.s.  CZ   SoPHIS
  Steiner s.r.o.  CZ   Steiner
  TCK GmbH  DE    NMVS
  TIS-Brno  CZ   TIS
  TraceLink Ltd.  UK   TraceLink
  QuickPharmSolutions Ltd.  IRL   QPS
  Versino CZ s.r.o.  CZ   VRIS pro SAP BOne
  ViaPharma s.r.o.  CZ   Microsoft Dynamics
  VitSoft s.r.o.  CZ   VitSoft
  Zetes UK Ltd.  UK   ZetesOlympus FMD 



Freeware tool for checking the correct settings of the 2D Matrix Code scanner(created by QuickPharmSolutions Ltd. (IRL) in cooperation with EMVO and some NMVS).

Scanner test ver 1.0

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