EU Hub Maintenance Release extended to 30th May

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Update: Renewal of EU Hub Public Certificates & alert endpoints

The below information is important for technical team and/or connection provider. If you are using EMVO Gateway as a connection provider, no actions are needed.

As communicated in the Letter of Announcement shared on 26th April, the EU Hub Public certificates and endpoints require an update. EMVO distributed a timeline indicating the important dates affecting the environments (ITE/IQE & PRD).

We would now like to inform you that the EU Hub Maintenance Release in IQE for the alert public certificate is extended to 30th May. Please refer to the updated diagram below for all the needed information which will allow the technical teams and connection providers to plan ahead.

The updated timeline for ITE & IQE Environments is as follows:


Be reminded that EMVO organised four (4) separate Q&A sessions to provide further guidance. Please refer to the Q&A document Version 4 here which summarises the most frequently asked questions during the sessions, as well as the meeting recordings. Be kindly reminded that you can find the Q&A document on EMVO’s website under the Knowledge Database.

The timeline for PRD Environment remains as follows:


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact EMVO Helpdesk.

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